Flora loves it and so do we

So pleased we came across Red Lion Canines, The Walking Train. If you want your dog to improve his/her social skills or just to socialise more and you enjoy chatting to like-minded people, then the walking train is for you.

We’ve been walking with Lesley’s walking train for 18 months and our Border Terrier, Flora, loves it and so do we. We go on various walks in the woods and along the beach and sometimes we even end up having a coffee at a dog-friendly cafe. Well done Lesley!

Hazel, Val & Flora

We would do it all again without hesitation!

When Jackson our rescued Rottweiler was diagnosed with lymphoma & not given long to live, Lesley asked if she could give him some Reiki. This had to take place at our home due to him having to be isolated whilst having veterinary treatment. The Reiki sessions were always done at his pace and by the end of them he laid down at our feet completely relaxed. It was amazing to see him so chilled which was not the norm.

Lesley continued the sessions throughout his illness which we are convinced helped to keep him calm & cope with all his chemotherapy.

We recommend you give Lesley the opportunity to help your animal or even yourself with Reiki. We would do it all again without hesitation!

Roz & John

Very supportive and full of patience and good advice

We have been puppy training with Lesley since our Standard Schnauzer Lulu, was 12 weeks old, and we are now enjoying the Kennel Club bronze course. Lulu can be very trying at times because she is always looking to have fun with the other dogs and loves doing ‘zoomies’ around Lesley and Phil’s yard. Thankfully Lesley is very supportive and full of patience and good advice so, with a lot more practice, we may get through to the next stage.

When we went away, Lulu had her own holiday with Auntie Lesley and Uncle Phil, which made her a very happy girl. She is still just a puppy so we were very pleased to see all the progress she had made during her stay, like walking better and being more patient. Lesley sent us regular updates and videos, which was great as we could see how well she was settled and enjoying herself.

Taking on a new puppy can be hard work and we are very glad of the support from Red Lion Canines during the whole process. The socialisation sessions, puppy training course and weekly puppy walks really make a difference! We would have no hesitation in recommending Lesley and Phil’s services to anyone.

John, Ulrika and Lulu

There is no one else I would leave my dogs with

I was lucky to meet Lesley when I took my new puppy Rottweiler to her puppy socialisation and enrichment sessions. She gave me fantastic advice and we went on to complete puppy foundation training with her.

Both my dogs Roxy and Stig now go on regular walks with her as a group and have stayed with Lesley and Phil whilst I was away. There is no one else I would leave my dogs with, Lesley understands their individual personalities and needs and my energetic Rottie had a fabulous week with them where I was worried she wouldn’t want to come home!

Highly recommend Red Lion Canines

Carrie, Stig & Roxy


Happy Holidays

I am happy to recommend Red Lion Canines as a fabulous doggy holiday home.

It was reassuring that Red Lion had met and got to know my dogs before their stay. I was able to have a relaxing holiday knowing that Teddy and Izzy were being so well looked after.

Sarah, Teddy & Izzy

Feel very lucky to have found Red Lion Canines

Loki, our 2-year-old Labradoodle absolutely loves his time with Lesley and Phil. It is so important for us to know that he is in a safe, loving environment. Lesley truly creates a home from home for her furry guests. She is so knowledgable and always has great advise. Feel very lucky to have found Red Lion Canines and highly recommend them.

Louise & Loki

1-2-1 Training With Lesley

I have always owned dogs, so wasn’t daunted when I got my new puppy Nellie, who is a German Wiredhaired pointer.

When Nellie was about five months old, I wanted to socialise her with other puppies, so was recommended Lesley’s puppy walking train.

I started walking with the puppy train, which she loved, being with the other dogs, but I was struggling when taking her out on my own.

She was jumping up at other dogs and people, not listening, and easily distracted by anything that moves & would take off at high speed. I was getting stressed & really worried about losing her.

I discussed with Lesley one to one Training and what a difference it has made to my dog & myself!

Lesley‘s approach is professional, knowledgeable & above all calm & kind. She always keeps in contact after training to see how you are doing.

I would thoroughly recommend Lesley if you need that extra help.

Lynn & Nellie

"we have found someone who cares as much about our pup as we do"

Just wanted to say how glad we are to have found you and Red Lion Canines since getting Buddy. You have helped us in so many ways.

I really enjoy the puppy train as it’s given me the confidence to walk Buddy & to let her off lead which she loves. It’s so nice to meet other people & their dogs & to learn in a safe environment how to deal with my crazy cockapoo. Buddy loves meeting all the different dogs & sleeps so well after her adventures.

Buddy absolutely loves going for walks with you & on the odd days when I’m home she still sleeps with 1 eye on the door in the hope Auntie Lesley will come to take her out. She is behaving so much better on the lead - still gets over excited but calms down fairly well.

Going away & leaving Buddy is no longer a stress as she loves her holidays at Red Lion Canines where she is fussed & made to feel part of the family. It’s wonderful to know she is happy to be away from us & in such safe hands.

Having attended the Bronze level puppy training with you I’ve learnt a lot about my affect on Buddy’s behaviour and am gradually learn to relax and enjoy her company. She is a bright & happy puppy who gets a little nervous & stressed so not naughty as I previously thought. Now I’m relaxing so is she!

It’s lovely to know we have found someone who cares as much about our pup as we do so thank you Lesley it is much appreciated.

Donna, Luca & Buddy

Buddy (2)
Buddy (1)

"like a home-from-home for the dogs"

We are so pleased to have found Lesley’s Red Lion Canines and have used their dog boarding and house visiting service for our two Border Terriers, Alfie and Macy since moving to Whitstable a few years ago.

Lesley has always been extremely accommodating, flexible and helpful with the arrangements and we return home from our trips away to find our two elderly dogs have always been well cared for and are calm and happy.  In the home visits, Alfie and Macy have been fed, taken for walks and been given medication when needed.

When they have been boarded at Red Lions, it was nice to know it was like a home-from-home for the dogs and that they could potter about in the secure garden as well as resting inside when they wanted.  So much nicer than the enclosed and sometimes stressful setting of some kennels.

When initially preparing to stay at Red Lions for their first visit, I was impressed by the preparation that went into ensuring they would settle in well.  They were offered a free short day session and a free overnight stay to ensure they would get on with any other dogs there and to familiarise themselves with the setting.  Lesley is extremely friendly and always seems happy to discuss the wellbeing of your pets.

I have always felt that the dogs will be in good hands as Lesley has a genuine interest in all animals and this is reflected in her having undertaken a number of courses dealing with the health and behaviour of dogs and other animals and feel she would be able to care for them holistically in any situation.  I would have no hesitation in recommending her excellent services!

Alfie & Macy

"make you feel part of an extended family"

I would not hesitate to recommend Red Lion Canines.

I got Harry as a puppy for company after my husband died after a long illness. With my family living in Texas I felt very lonely. I first met Lesley at puppy socialising and was very impressed how she could read the pups' behaviour. We then went on to basic training and we joined the puppy train. This was the best thing I could possibly have done. Not only did Harry get to meet other dogs, I got not only exercise but a social life as well. We have now progressed to walking with the older dogs and always have a lovely time as Lesley always keeps an eye on the dogs' behaviour.

When Harry was quite small I had a holiday booked and Lesley and Phil did a three part step ending in an overnight sleepover to see if Harry was happy staying there. Luckily he behaved and has been staying with them whenever I go away. Lesley sends me pictures and always replies promptly if I ask how he is getting on. Why I do this, I don’t know as he always has a wonderful time and comes home tired out from walking and playing. I feel very fortunate to have found Lesley and Phil. They are very special people who make you feel part of an extended family.

Carol & Harry


"Perfect Wedding day"

We were in need of someone to look after Trafford as we celebrated our wedding day. After speaking with our local vets, they recommended Lesley & Phil.

After our initial visit to chat about our wedding plans and introduce Trafford to them and their home, we knew we were onto a winning combination.

Lesley made us and Trafford feel very comfortable from the start, after informing her of Trafford’s epilepsy and the routine he needs to follow, there was at no point any indication of any problem of Lesley & Phil looking after him and that made us very much at ease that he would have a great time staying at their home.

Lesley & Phil brought Trafford to our wedding location in Chilham and we were able to get some great pictures with him, he looks forward to further stays at his home from home.

Rob & Cassie


"Overcome his fears"

Jasper and I first met Lesley when we were out for a walk in the woods. I clipped Jasper’s lead on and apologised to Lesley, explaining that although he has never bitten, Jasper was scared of bigger dogs and may be aggressive towards her Rottweiler. This is due to a history of himself having been attacked when he was younger and his apparent aggression is a defensive tactic.

Lesley explained that she was a dog trainer and offered help with behavioural issues she encouraged me to let Jasper off the lead. Tentatively I did and as Lesley predicted after an initial episode of barking and snarling, Jasper settled himself down. He continued to be wary of Lesley’s dog as we walked but Lesley pointed out to me some of the calming techniques he was using to control his nerves.

Since then, we’ve regularly met with Lesley and the walking train to encourage more socialisation for Jasper. He’s faced some personal challenges amongst his walking companions but has overcome his fears and I am gaining tips and techniques from Lesley on how to deal with situations when they arise.

Leisa and Jasper


"Lesley was brilliant, she was so helpful and reassuring"

We were put in contact initially with Lesley through our vets when we brought home our new puppy, a miniature labradoodle, Luna-lu.

I took Luna to socialisation classes run by Lesley and we also attend the puppy train walks regularly, where Luna has made lots of new pals as have I. Luna loves her walks and, Lesley, she is excellent with all the dogs, very calming and knows and treats each dog individually.

Although I have had dogs previously they were rescue dogs and I had never had a puppy and I have to admit I struggled somewhat with her in the early days. Lesley was brilliant, she was so helpful and reassuring and gave myself and Luna extra confidence and good advice.

Luna has also been to Lesley's home as build up sessions for boarding when we are ever going to be away. Luna has a fantastic time there playing with her best pal Buddy in their lovely home with beautiful surroundings.we will go away knowing she will be happy and very well cared for and loved by Lesley and her husband.

So thankful that our vets recommended Lesley to us.

Denise & Luna

Luna 1
Luna 2

"confident that both Lesley and Phil are trustworthy and reliable"

Having had a very difficult experience with a previous dog, we had lost our confidence when walking near other dogs. When we decided to have a pup, Jackie, we wanted to make sure it was going to be a pleasure to take her for walks.

We first met Lesley when we decided to give Animed puppy socialisation sessions a try.

She very quickly helped us to feel at ease and Jackie loved her. We then went on to the puppy foundation course, and also joined some of the walking train walks to the woods where we met Lesley’s husband Phil.

Throughout, Lesley has always been understanding and on hand to help us deal with any little problems or questions that we may have. She has played a major role in helping us to regain our confidence, particularly when, in the woods, Jackie encountered a horse for the first time and I went into panic mode.

It is quite clear that Lesley loves animals and wants both owners and dogs to have the best experiences together.

When we got our second puppy, Annika, we were only too pleased to take her along to Lesley’s Socialisation and Puppy foundation courses and as she gets older we will join the walking train with both Jackie and Annika.

We never felt that we would trust anyone, apart from family, to look after our dogs, but, when we feel ready to leave Jackie and Annika, we won’t hesitate to contact Lesley for boarding.

We are confident that both Lesley and Phil are trustworthy and reliable and that our dogs would get as much love and care as they get at home.

Margaret, Stephen, Jackie and Annika


"having a great time and didn't want to leave"

We were initially a little apprehensive about leaving Honey at the puppy minders but we packed her suitcase and off she went to Red Lion Canines and spent the day with Lesley.

The biggest problem was trying to tear her away when I collected her. She was having a great time and didn't want to leave.

She has now stayed on a number of occasions and pulls me through the gate in her desire to get in. I would certainly recommend.

Sharn & Honey


"knowledge & attention to detail so helpful"

My partner & I have found Lesley's knowledge & attention to detail so helpful.

She always has a watchful eye on the dogs' body language & is aware of what's going on. Very professional, laid back & all the written information was so well presented & informative. Our Two Thai Ridgebacks have enjoyed all the classes & so have we.

We will use Lesley for some more 1 to 1 help & hope to progress onto the Bronze award.

Sarah, Graham, Cowboy & Dingo


"a great home from home experience for dogs!"

Ned our black lab puppy, really enjoyed his puppy training class and came on in leaps and bounds!

It also helped me have more confidence in training him and being able to practise what we'd learnt at home. It's a friendly, fun class with plenty of chance to discuss any worries or concerns about your dog and it's also good to meet other puppies and their owners. It's a really helpful and stimulating class for dogs (and owners).

Red Lion Canines home boarding is a great home from home experience for dogs!

It's great that our dogs can also have a lovely holiday while we're off enjoying ourselves. They have so much fun and stimulation meeting other canine buddies, having exciting woodland walks and all under the careful close care of an experienced and lovely host. We can have peace of mind knowing that our dogs are well looked after and cared for in every way.

Sarah, Phil, Libby & Ned


"Fudge is always so pleased to see Lesley"

We moved to Kent in July 2017 and just by chance we found Lesley where Fudge could stay. Fudge loved her weekend, and further stays and is always so pleased to see Lesley.

We have also joined Lesley's puppy walk and her walking train every week. Not only is it good for Fudge but helps me from being lonely.

Hilary & Fudge


"Lesley is the girl for you"

I met Lesley from Red Lion Canines at Animed puppy socialisation. Then went on to do a puppy foundation course with her Arnie, my dog was quite young when I first had to leave him, but Lesley was brilliant. Arnie had two visits in Lesley's home and an overnight stay, before I had to go away and leave him for a week. He must have had a wonderful time, because he gets so excited when we pull up outside her house now, and I never have problems leaving him.

If you want a home environment, where your dog will get lots of love and attention, not to mention wonderful long walks, then Lesley is the girl for you.

She is also very patient with us owners who take loads of toys, have loads of instructions and find it difficult to say goodbye to our loved pooches.

Hayley & Arnie


"really impressed with Lesley's 3 stage process"

We found Red Lion Canines last year after moving into the area.

We were really impressed with Lesley's 3 stage process introducing our dogs to their home and themselves ensuring the least amount of stress for all concerned.

Bertie and Betty have come home happy after staying at Red Lion Canines last year and we have booked up for a couple of holidays with Lesley and the gang this year. We can enjoy our holiday safe in the knowledge that our dogs are being well looked after.

Betty and Bert2
Betty and Bert

Darren, Betty & Bert

"I cannot praise Lesley high enough"

My Springer/Bassett Ned and I joined Lesley's dog walking group 'The Walking Train' about 8 months ago and we have enjoyed many lovely walks. Ned also stays with Lesley in her own home when I go away, which he loves. I love the fact that I know he is happy and being well looked after by Lesley and her husband Phil as if he were their own.

I have found Lesley to be a kind and professional person and is always there whenever you may need any help or guidance. She is calm and patient in her approach to the dogs and they love her.

I cannot praise Lesley high enough and do not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wishes to have the best possible care for their dog by someone who is passionate about what she does.

Melinda & Ned


"expert advice on all aspects of development and behaviour"

Getting a new puppy can be a quite a challenge. There are many things to consider, getting the right balance of exercise and socialisation is critical for your puppies development. So going on an organised puppy walk ticks all the boxes.

Together with other new puppy owners you will discover fabulous country side and woodland walks. With expert advice on all aspects of development and behaviour along the way from Lesley.

Archie and I love it and have made lots of new friends

Amanda & Archie


"more than happy to recommend"

Bertie our Chocolate Cockerpoo has been boarding with Lesley for around 12 months when we have non doggie days out & holidays.

He loves socialising with other dogs & is always tired when he comes home.

Lesley is very caring & professional & we know Bertie is being well looked after.

We are more than happy to recommend Lesley.

Jackie, Irene & Bertie


"excellent - I hope it doesn't get too busy!"

Lesley & Phil run a superb canine care service. Their back garden abuts Clowes Wood so exercising can be local. They have their own dogs and on site are horses and pigs. Careful selection of dogs wishing to be looked after are vetted to make sure they will be happy with all the residents.

Lesley runs training sessions for dogs and her understanding of canine psychology ensures a happy pack of animals. 8am to 9.30pm gives owners a lengthy break from their animals and overnight stays can be arranged.

I think their service is excellent - I hope it doesn't get too busy!!

David and Spark


"a genuinely lovely person... she has a natural affinity with animals"

I have a young Pomeranian, Nandos, who was attacked at six months by a large dog which made her scared of dogs – barking manically whenever one came in sight. Upon moving to Kent in late 2016 we needed somebody to look after her for 10 days. By a massive stroke of luck I was put in touch with Lesley. Over a period of a few weeks Lesley gradually built up how long Nandos stayed at her house with other dogs present. After a couple of months we were able to leave her for 10 days with no problems and no barking!!

We are now about to start working on stopping or curbing barking on walks and I’m hoping to join one of the walking trains.

I really cannot recommend Lesley enough, not only is she a genuinely lovely person she has a natural affinity with animals and a whole lot of knowledge on how to solve any issues they may be having.  I trust her completely with Nandos and in turn Nandos is happy to see her whenever we go round. You really couldn’t find a nicer or more experienced person to either help you solve a problem or to look after your pet.

Dianna Whitfield and Nandos

Nandos Sept 2017

"Always so helpful"

Dylan is always happy to stay at Red lion Canines and we can go away and enjoy our holiday knowing that he is content and well looked after. Lesley has always been so helpful in arranging drop off and pick up times.

I am very happy to recommend Red lion Canines.

Latchmi, Peter and Dylan


"We could not be more happy with the way he was looked after"

Our chocolate Labrador "Hudson" was from the very start a character and a bit of a handful, as a result he didn't do well in kennels. After a traumatic stay, for the kennels not Hudson, the kennels recommended that we speak to a lady who looked after dogs called Lesley where he might be better suited. From then on, whenever we went away, Lesley, Phil and their family took Hudson in, we would drop him off and he would bound in to his home from home. We could not be more happy with the way he was looked after.

Sadly we lost Hudson a year ago. We have just taken on a new puppy after a break of almost a year. When we were making the decision to get a puppy the first person we spoke to was Lesley to make sure she would take him if we went away, and fortunately she said she would. Being responsible dog owners we enrolled "Barney" in for puppy socialising and obedience classes through Animed vets, to our delight Lesley was taking the classes.

Mary & Nick

My beautiful picture

"Like a duck to water"

Our Cocker Spaniel Chorney had a second, quite serious op, and it was touch and go, so we wanted him to be safe and happy when we were away. We didn’t want him to go to a regular kennel, he seemed to deserve better than that after all he had been through. Also his social skills with other dogs weren’t great, seeming to get worse with his op and we wanted to improve this.

A friend recommended Lesley, she was straight talking and had a good settling in plan. Chorney went for a visit and a sleepover, he seemed to take like a duck to water to the set-up and mixed very well with the other dogs, making lots of new friends. He stayed with Lesley and Phil for two weeks while we were on holiday and then a long weekend a few weeks later. When we took him to stay the second time, he pulled with great excitement when he realised where he was going, not bothered at all that he was being left - a good sign that he was more than happy to be staying with Lesley and Phil and the other dogs for company.

On holiday Lesley sent us videos, so we knew Chorney was happy, she also monitored his weight and adjusted his food, so he was perfect size on return and a much more sociable dog after his trips.

Brendan, Stephanie & Chorney


"Knowledge, experience and friendliness"

Lesley came to visit us at home to help with a behavioural problem I was having with Roscoe. During the visit she made suggestions which really helped me to resolve the problem and we also got a bit of clicker training that helped with Roscoe's recall.

As we were chatting I mentioned how, as he's a sociable pup, I was looking for some way that he could socialise with other dogs. Lesley told me about the Walking Train and we went along, I even felt confident enough to let him off lead for the first time. We both enjoy meeting up and it's lovely to see him running freely with the other dogs, he can't wait to get out of the car when we arrive! After a tester visit Roscoe has now spent his first day with Lesley and further visits are booked.

With her knowledge, experience and friendliness, I can't think of anyone that I'd be happier to leave him with.

Lynne and Roscoe

"A caring, professional and a thoroughly lovely couple"

Two years ago we moved into our new home in Seasalter with our two dogs, Golly and Rosie . Moving from countryside to seaside was a big change for us as was moving away from old friends and family.

We had booked a special holiday which was going to mean that we had to find suitable care for our girls and find somewhere we where we would be sure they would be happy. After phoning round several local kennels someone recommended that I should try phoning Lesley. That phone call was the call that put our minds at rest.

Lesley is a very caring and professional animal lover, and after meeting her and Phil I had no doubts that our girls would be happy to stay with them. After boarding with them for some 4 weeks (including Xmas and New year ) we picked up Golly and Rosie, complete with Xmas presents, and with no problems settling back home.

I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Lesley and Phil, a caring, professional and a thoroughly lovely couple.

Pat Lynch, Golly & Rosie


"Red Lion Canines already feels like a home from home."

We were so lucky to receive a recommendation to contact Red Lion Canine - one of those chance conversations that positively impact on your life.

In the run up to some major surgery we decided to get our first ever puppy. Being the person that I am I went full tilt and went for a bumptious, energetic breed, with an enormous heart. Our Maisy, an Old English Sheepdog has stolen our hearts and has been great emotional and physical therapy for me. Three months after the long awaited surgery I was so looking forward to two nights away but worried about where we could leave our girl. Enter Lesley at Red Lion Canines.

Lesley is one of a kind. Not only an animal lover; she has pigs, horses and dogs, but a dog trainer with huge amounts of knowledge and skill. Combined with her natural talent and skilled approach we felt totally confident leaving Maisy with Lesley and Phil. Lesley has a very thoughtful and considered approach to new dogs in her care. As part of Maisy's work up, we met for an informal chat and doggo play as a first step, then tested out a
sleepover for Maisy before we made any commitment. This made perfect sense to me - for this to work, the owner, the dog specialist, and the dog, have to be happy. Needless to say owner and doggo were very happy.

I was extremely confident that Maisy would have a lovely time with Lesley and her family, but I was thrilled when we picked her up after her holiday. I knew that Maisy had not only been superbly cared for but had huge fun. Maisy loves fun and I am so very happy that we have found such a tremendous place in Red Lion Canines.

Maisy is already booked in for some play dates over the summer while we do some non-dog-friendly days out. Without a doubt we will be making use of Red Lion Canines in the future.

A massive thank you to Lesley and Phil... Red Lion Canines already feels like a home from home.

Keziah & Maisy

Maisie Old English 2
Maisie Old English

"Max loves the Walking Train and so do I"

In March 2017 I joined Lesley's Walking Train with my then one year old cockerpoo Max.

Max has thrived amongst the other dogs and learned a lot of good behaviours from them. Lesley's advice is always at hand right when you need it.

I had difficulties teaching Max recall and during the Walking Train Max learned the recall in next to no time. The dogs enjoy running through the woods and playing together.

The Walking Train is a great learning time for dogs and owners alike whilst having the freedom of the countryside and the help from a very knowledgeable trainer.

Max loves the Walking Train and so do I.

Herma & Max


"Compassionate and caring"

I first met Lesley when Bertie my cockapoo puppy had just finished socialisation classes at Animed Veterinary Centre in Whitstable.

Lesley was going to take on the Puppy Foundation classes at the centre but unfortunately I had already booked Bertie on another puppy training course. However I was so impressed not only with what she said but her whole compassionate and caring manner and so when Bertie's first puppy training classes finished I got in touch with her to carry on training.

I am so glad that I did as she has been extremely helpful with many little problems I have experienced with Bertie and has always been ready to listen and give knowledgeable advice. Bertie and I have recently joined the Walking Train a really unique experience, which we both thoroughly enjoy.

Although Bertie has not yet boarded at Lesley's I would have no hesitation in leaving him with her as I am confident he would get the best care and love.

Sue & Bertie Coppins


"New Beginnings"

When I moved from Somerset to Herne Bay some 18 months ago, following the premature death of my wife, finding a reliable and trustworthy dog boarder was at the top of my priority list, in order for me to move on in life.

My dog, Captain Woodrow Cal (it’s a long story!!), had only known one dog boarder since he was a pup (now 6) where he had become part of the ‘family’ of Andrew and John, with the delightful business name of ‘Giddy up Woof, Woof’. The bond between Cal and the guys was so strong, that all three of them cried (with me inevitably joining in), when I eventually picked him up to start my new life. The guys made me promise to go back and see them with Cal, which I will keep.

Following a recommendation, my first local dog minder experience in Kent was not a good one, I started to despair and then I found Lesley and Red Lion Canines. Other testimonials have articulated the many qualities Lesley and Phil have demonstrated in running their business and I heartily agree with all of them!

For me it was a little different, as not only was ‘Auntie’ Andrew (as I affectionately refer to him), a hard act to follow, suddenly finding myself alone was an awesome realisation of my responsibility to Cal. Red Lion Canines has actually enabled me to move forward with total confidence my dear wife’s adorable Springer Spaniel was not only going to be well cared for but secure, safe and happy, when I went away on business or pleasure.

There are no words I can find to thank Lesley and Phil and quite how special they are to Cal and I. If you have been fortunate enough to find this web site or have been recommended, then look no further. Keith & Cal

Cal & Bone
Cal & Moisey- First Meeting

Keith & Cal

"We can't thank Lesley enough for her care and advice"

Lesley at Red Lion Canines came very highly recommended.

We were having some issues with Teddy resource guarding and had tried everything we could think of. After a session with Lesley on a home visit Teddy is a different dog and we know exactly how to deal with his behaviour which has made all of us a lot happier.

Teddy has also had a wonderful holiday stay with Lesley and we regularly join in the Walking Train so he gets plenty of opportunity to socialise with a wide range of dogs - he just loves it!

We can't thank Lesley enough for her care and advice and giving us back the happiest puppy.


Amanda Gerrard & Teddy

"It’s a little miracle!"

Lesley has walked my dog, Rosey, for 8 years and now she also stays with Lesley & her family when I’m away.

Lesley is totally reliable and trustworthy and always puts the needs of the dog first. A few months ago we joined the “walking train”.

Rosey loves it, despite her normally not liking other dogs. It’s a little miracle!

Sue Coughlin


"It's a pleasure to recommend such wonderful care"

Lesley and her family have been caring for my old rescued border collie Alfie (now about 14)‎.

He was vicious with other dogs when they first met him, but with care, love and attention he accepted a newly rescued Millie, a 3 year old working cocker.

They both love going to Red Lion Canines, and we don't have a care as we absolutely know they'll be as happy and cared for as if they were home with us.

It's a pleasure to recommend such wonderful care (I just hope she doesn't get too busy!)


Dr V. M. Moore

"The best thing I did was join the walking train"

Before I met Lesley, I thought walks with my new puppy were destined to be on the lead at all times as I was terrified she would run off and not come back. With Lesley’s patience, and her calm guidance, I have found my confidence and we have cracked the recall! Seeing my dog running free, happy and grinning like a fool with her tongue hanging out makes my day! Lesley has also armed me with the tools to deal with new situations Idgie and I find ourselves in. I can’t thank Lesley enough.

The best thing I did was join the walking train – it’s like a dog training class while you are out walking. Idgie and I both love our walks with our Walking Train friends. To anyone else thinking of joining the walking train – do it! You won’t regret it!


Lesley and her family have also welcomed Idgie into their home for home boarding. Idgie just loves it. I only have to ask Idgie if she is ready to go and see Lesley and she is ready by the door. When we get there she couldn’t care less that I am leaving, she is just desperate to catch up with her friends and runs up the stairs as quickly as she can. She comes home absolutely shattered, and doesn’t move all evening.

I know we have found the perfect place for Idgie to stay for play dates, day care or holidays. She is so happy to be there, and if she is happy, I am happy.

Thank you Lesley, Red Lion Canines is THE BEST xx

Rachel Owen

"The fact that Echo gets out of the car with a very waggy tail says it all really..."

We heard about Red Lion Canines in early 2016 as we were searching for home boarding for Danny, our large lurcher. On meeting Lesley, and then Phil, we knew that we had found home from home for our dog. Their bond and love of animals is instantly apparent - a truly caring and compassionate couple.

Unfortunately, whilst going through Lesley's work-up sessions towards full overnight boarding, we lost Danny to an unexpected illness. A few months later we started work-up sessions again with Lesley this time with Echo (our newly acquired greyhound)

We use RLC for daycare, long weekends and annual holiday breaks. We can go away knowing that our dog is totally cared for and Lesley and Phil are always my first port of call for doggie boarding!

The fact that Echo gets out of the car with a very waggy tail says it all really... what better recommendation is there! Echo's happy.... we're happy.

Clare & Rob Hudson


"Thank you Lesley for being a part of making our special day so perfect"

We couldn't be happier with the service we received from Lesley on our wedding day in 2010.

We asked Lesley to collect our dog for us from our house and bring him to the church so we could have our photo taken with him. Cooper was part of our family and having him there completed our day and made it even more special.

Thank you Lesley for being a part of making our special day so perfect.

Claire & Glenn Keeler

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"I would recommend Lesley with no hesitation"

I have known Lesley for a while now and I am so glad I found her.

She is very reliable, trustworthy and takes excellent care of Molly whilst I am on holiday! I would recommend Lesley with no hesitation.

Brigitte Brewer


"The Best Care of Your Dogs at All Times"

We started using Red Lion Canines back in October 2008 for training our two 5 month old Boston Terriers.

The calm training that is used by Red Lion Canines known as clicker training was brilliant for our dogs, they took to it straight away. Red Lion Canines has also looked after our dogs on a daily basis during the working week for the past 6 years, taking into account the individual needs of each dog. This was shown sadly last year when one was very poorly but Lesley took this in her stride.

Not only do we use Red Lion Canines for training and home visits but for the past few years we have also used the Home boarding service that they now offer.

I would without hesitation recommend Red Lion Canines to take the best care of your dogs at all times.

Liz & Guy Addley
Whitstable Dog Boutique


"Red Lion Canine Rocks"

We love Lesley, Phil & family at Red Lion Canines, and trust them totally with our dogs.

Lesley was so helpful and supportive when our old dog Jess was at the end of her life. Lesley did home visits and gentle little walks to help us with Jess.

After Jess died we then got a lively Bedlington cross whippet Grey, Lesley worked with her through workup sessions and built her confidence up and Grey had many happy stays with them.

Then we got Murphy as a puppy and he went to Lesley too, building in confidence with Lesley and playing with her then puppy.
Both our dogs come home happy and tired, which is the best recommendation I can make.

Red Lion Canine rocks.

Dr Jane and Mr Mark Fenn were Whitstable but now live in remote Wales.

Murphy & Grey 001
Murphy & Grey 002

"A great understanding of all animals, a very kind and caring lady"

We have known Lesley for many years ...first with Poppy, our much-loved border terrier, who was very spoilt. She had one holiday in kennels ...it wasn't her thing! ...Much better to holiday with Lesley and the family....which she continued to do up to last year, her final stay only a short time before she died, at the grand age of 15.

Such was Lesley's kindness and care, we are now introducing our new dog Minnie aged 7, a miniature schnauzer, so she too will spend holiday time, at Red Lion Canines.

She is being introduced slowly, Lesley is making her feel confident, spending time with other dogs, staying for a few hours, building up to a sleepover.

Lesley has a great understanding of all animals, a very kind and caring lady.

Jane & Tony Pozzetti