About Lesley & Red Lion

Firstly, I would like to welcome you to the Red Lion Canines website!

From the age of three, animals have been a huge part of my life both at home and work. I have always felt at ease around them and I find they provide me with great pleasure, relaxation, happiness and companionship.

I moved to Kent in 2001 with my husband, two children, our springer spaniel and three horses. In 2007 we acquired a Rottweiler puppy, and in 2009 we adopted an eight-week old rescue pup. Our menagerie is always changing, at the time of writing this we have two dogs, three horses, two pigs, twelve rabbits and two guinea pigs.

When my children were younger, I took the opportunity to study human psychology, and this helped me to learn a lot about myself and also about human behaviours. A few years later I studied canine psychology. I have gone on to do various courses, workshops and webinars within the canine world and have gained experience of handling dogs through training, working in a kennel environment, puppy rearing and helping to train guide dogs. I am currently studying to become an animal assisted therapist.

Red Lion Canines has evolved since 2002 and in that time we have provided care to animals and we now offer a wider range of services that we are proud off. Our methods of training are through positive re- enforcement and we provide training, courses and workshops for both adults and children.