Charges – Payment – Cancellations

  1. Fees are charged per day that your dog is with us for home boarding
  2. Opening hours are 8am to 9.30pm. Early drop off or late collection may result in extra costs to you the client unless an alternative time has been agreed
  3. Double rate applies to bookings over Christmas Day & Boxing Day period
  4.  We do not take a deposit: However, a verbal agreement is made at time of booking(s) made by you the client, dates booked are dates to be paid for.
  5. Payment is to be made in full either on drop off or on collection of client’s dog. Late payments may incur a charge
  6. No payment is required if either:
    1. If at time of booking a client is attending a funeral (for the day of the funeral) of a close family member or loved one
    2. An unexpected hospitalisation of a client or immediate family member
    3. A client’s dog is taken unwell and undergoing veterinary treatment and dog is unable to be mixed with other dogs in a home boarding environment on veterinary advice – a letter from vet may be required
  7. Cancellations: A valid cancellation will be taken into consideration and discussed with you the client – If enough notice has been given and day care or holiday care dates can be re booked with another client then no payment will be required by you the client. However, if all days are not filled by another client then any outstanding days will require payment by you the client.
  8. Failure to bring your dog for the boarding period will be classed as a cancellation and the full outstanding balance will be due and must be paid within a 14-day period
  9. Reduced Boarding Period: If your dog is collected before the confirmed end date of the boarding period no refund will be due to you the client.